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romantic suspense
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Nora Skye  must start her life over again.  She notices that her boyfriend; Luke, becomes distant and secretive, leaving her with no other choice than to spy on him.  

When Luke learns of what she had done, he discards her.  Forcing her back home.  Upon her arrival she attends her sisters wedding, where she meets the sexy, charismatic, and outrageously out of her league Jase Madsyn.

She knows his reputation, the mystery that surrounds him but that doesn't stop her from experiencing the best night of her life.  But she soon discovers that he may be the person responsible for her pain.

Jase and Nora's story continues in
Book Two of the With You Series

Nora Skye has survived the unimaginable. Now that the chaos has settled, she is free to enjoy her new life, with the man who saved her in more ways than one —Jase Madsyn.


Jase killed the man who hurt Nora, but now new obstacles arise. His career starts to wear on their relationship, but the problems don’t end there, when Samantha, his ex-fiancé, shows up with a surprise of her own, and his mother disappears without a trace.


Nora tries to be supportive, but too many secrets cause their fragile relationship to crumble. Can their love survive his secrets but most of all, his past? 

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