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Beautifully Built

Releasing April16, 2024 at in Print and Ebook

Beautifully Built is the second book in the Lake Haven Series. It can be read as a standalone. Some of your favorite characters from book one - Beautifully Restored, will return in Beautifully Built. 


Callie Rae developed a crush on her brother's best friend, Ben Carmichael, when she was only eight. At eighteen, he broke her heart. When she gave him another chance, it ended in a heart-wrenching goodbye.

She thought when he moved to Las Vegas to drag race cars she would finally get the chance to get over him, but now he’s back in Lake Haven with a secret.

Callie sought solace in the arms of Trent Harrison, Ben’s racing rival. Still, her heart refuses to move past her first love. Little does she know Ben had a reason to leave town he never revealed.

Now, as the truth comes to light and his heart longs for the one who got away. Can he convince Callie they are meant to be? Or will the pain of the past ruin their chance at a happy future?

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